• Typography Collection

    Collection Typographie

    Each card of the Typography collection is a calligraphic vintage letter, taken from a book dating from the 17th, 18th or 19th century. Printed in Letterpress on thick kraft paper, with beveled corners.

    The collection has 32 letters (there are two versions of running letters and an ampersand). Very versatile, it will please for an initial or to write a word in decoration.
    Printed by hand in our workshop in France.

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  • New packaging for our art prints!

    Un nouvel écrin pour nos tirages d'art

    This new packaging perfectly highlights our beautiful art prints, while protecting them well. And above all, it’s even more of a pleasure to offer an art print printed in Letterpress on exceptional paper!

    On the back, there is the description of our artisanal printing technique, as well as a short explanation of the design, in French and English.

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  • Creations for the Carnavalet Museum

    Créations pour le Musée Carnavalet

    We had the pleasure of working from a 17th century engraving to create an art print, a card and a bookmark for the Carnavalet Museum, the museum of the city of Paris.

    This engraving of the facade of the Pavillon des Marchands Drapiers is emblematic of the museum because it was moved following Haussmann’s work when the museum was created.

    The art print is printed on thick cotton paper, the card on very thick recycled paper and the bookmark on semi-thick recycled paper.

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  • Alice in Wonderland

    Alice au Pays des Merveilles

    Follow the White Rabbit for a vintage and fantastical adventure, with our new collection of six art prints!

    Each art print features one or more illustrations by John Tenniel for the 1865 first edition of Alice, enhanced with a quote in vibrant, fantastic neon orange!

    Letterpress printed in 2 colors on beautiful thick laid paper.

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  • Alphabet Cities

    Alphabet Cities

    This exceptional collection was created from the covers of American city insurance maps dating from the turn of the 20th century. Each city name is a gem of typographic art, with incredible details and richness.

    This series features 10 city names: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, Queens, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Providence, Kansas City and San Antonio, and each is full of inventiveness to highlight the city and distinguish it from others.

    This collection is a collaboration with French designer Fabien Barral aka Mr Cup, who discovered these archives and patiently cataloged and selected them for printing.

    We printed the series in Letterpress 1 color on somptuous thick cotton paper.

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