Alice au Pays des Merveilles

Alice in Wonderland

17 items

Discover this exceptional collection "Alice in Wonderland", created from the vintage engravings from the first edition by Lewis Carroll. Printed...

Anatomie Subjective

Subjective Anatomy

23 items

Very graphic collection depicting holistically inspired phrases with anatomy engravings. Letterpress handprinted on soft, heavy cotton paper.

Excuse my French

Excuse my French

18 items

The “Excuse my French” collection is a series of cards and art prints which humorously illustrate word-for-word translations of common...



41 items

Precious vintage cards for all occasions!

Compagnie Maritime

Maritime Company

22 items

Breathe in the sea air and go on a trip with the Maritime Company collection, created from vintage engravings. Exceptional...

Cabinet de Curiosités

Cabinet of Curiosities

11 items

Enter an enchanting universe with our magnificent vintage cards and art prints from the Cabinet of Curiosities collection.



34 items

Somptuous Cards, Art prints and Bookmarks that celebrate music: score covers, opera, composer’s manuscripts…

Jardin Botanique

Botanical Garden

16 items

Beautiful cards and art prints with vintage botanical engravings: an invitation to stroll …

Alphabet Cities

Alphabet Cities

10 items

This exceptional collection was created from the covers of American city insurance maps dating from the turn of the 20th...



33 items

Magnificent collection of vintage letters printed on thick kraft paper.The collection has 32 letters (there are two versions of running...