Letterpress Art print Cello Suites by Bach

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Luxurious art print created from the original manuscript of the famous 1st Prelude of Bach's First Cello Suite (with the handwriting of Bach's wife, Anna Magdalena) and restored for printing, it reproduces the original title in German, calligraphed. For music lovers!

Magnificent letterpress art print, printed on luxurious 100% cotton paper.

The light will play with the relief of the print and you will appreciate it for a long time ...

A4 format, sold without frame, nicely packaged and ready to gift


Dimensions : 21 x 30 cm (A4)

Printing Technique : Letterpress

Paper : 100% cotton paper

Color : red and warm grey

Presentation: nicely packaged, ready to gift

Shipping : shipped within 48 hours